Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gloves

Silicone Grill Gloves are an outstanding product for those who cook on the grill and are tired of using those dirty, germ infested, old grilling utensils that hang on the grill that we all know do not get washed very often, if ever.

Silicone Gloves are also perfect in the kitchen! Handling hot food has never been easier with these amazing five finger design kitchen / grill gloves. The food grade silicone  gloves allow you to actually touch the food while it is still hot (up to 500 degrees) to flip, cut, move or remove food from the grill or oven with your hand!

Silicone Grill Gloves

Silicone Grill Gloves

After you are done cooking with the Silicone Glove, just drop them into the dishwasher and you will be ready for your next cooking adventure with a safe, clean and easy way to handle your food.

With our exclusive offer, you not only receive the amazing Grill Glove, you get two Grill Gloves! (*This offer has been put on hold for now, but you can still get the grill glove by clicking the link)

These Cooking Gloves are the very same product you may have seen on TV endorsed by Anthony Sullivan as he is flipping racks of ribs, steaks, baked potatoes and corn on the cob on the grill!

Kitchen and or Grill Gloves make it super easy to handle larger objects on the grill or even flip something as delicate as a hot dog with the five finger design.

Grill Glove

Grill Glove / Kitchen Glove

The Grill Glove is not only perfect for the family BBQ master but great as a gift for all your BBQ master family and friends! The Silicone Grill Glove is also great in the kitchen for removing lobster out of boiling water, removing hard boiled eggs and any larger item that a cooking thongs simply has a hard time with! Great for canning, holding hot food that needs to be cut or simply removing hot rolls from the oven.

Silicone cooking glove

Silicone Cooking Glove In Boiling Water!

(*This offer has been put on hold for now, but you can still get the grill glove by clicking the link) Order your Kitchen / Grill Gloves today for only $14.99 plus S/H and have them shipped directly to your door! With this exclusive offer, you not only get one Grill Glove, you get a second one free as well as the lava mitt!

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